Manufacturing Facilities

Forge Shop

Drop Hammer Route

  • Five lines of 1.5 Ton hammer

  • One line of 1.25 Ton hammer

  • Five Lines of 1 Ton hammers

  • Two lines of 0.75 Ton Hammers

  • Two lines of 0.5 Ton hammers

Friction Screw Press (FSP) Route

  • One Line of 250 Ton FSP

  • Two lines of 350 Ton FSP

Direct Drive FSP Route

  • Two-line 250 Ton Stanko DDFSP

  • One line 400 Ton Stanko DDFSP


Pneumatic Press Route:

  • Two Lines of 1600 Ton Hasen Clever Presses

  • Two Line of 700 Ton Ajax and Maxi Press


  • Two Pneumatic hammers

  • One Hasen Claver Reduce Roller


All Forging lines are equipped with Induction heaters, Mechanical trimming presses for flash removal and conveyers for rapid part movement.Supported by two DISA Wheel arbitrators and six presses for cold working operations on the components forged.