Quality is relevant and critical through all processes from receipt of raw material to dispatch of finished goods. Achiving and maintaining quality is made possible by contribution towards it at every stage.


  • The Metallurgy dept. is equipped ¬†with hardness testers for
        Brinnel (Two 187.5 kg and one 3000kg)
        Rockwel (Two nos)

  • Abrasive cutter machine. For local cutting requirements.
  • Muffle furnace for lab testing.
  • Micro scope with camera extension for micro structure analysis and imaging.
  • Hot and Cold mould machines.

  • Fully capable Raw material verification via:
        Spark spectral analysis on inward raw material inspection.
        Reagent based cross verification of inward bound Raw material.
        Step down checking.

  • Grain size analysis of forged components for quality assurance.
  • Rain flow analysis via acid pickling.